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Benesoy™ Soymilk Powder, Conventional (1385)


Benesoy™ Soymilk Powder, Conventional (1385) is a soymilk powder with identity preserved soybeans where no additives or preservatives are used. All Benesoy ingredients are identity-preserved and available organic. Just like Benesoy liquid soy proteins, Benesoy soy protein powders work well in many different foods, while offering excellent stability and outstanding nutritional qualities.


DEVANSOY offers Benesoy ingredients that are made from non-GMO soybeans and are natural and organic, whiter, blander, and easier to use for Food, Beverages and Nutrition. Benesoy offers benefits of low flavor profile, soy isoflavones, stability in low and high-pH systems and customization to meet individual specifications. Benesoy has application in bakery products, cheeses, beverages, meats, desserts and more.




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