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ScanPro™ T 95 

ScanPro™ T 95 is mainly used for injection in fresh meat and cured products. However, it is also very suitable for use as an emulsifier in a wide range of emulsified meat products. ScanPro™ T 95 has a unique water and fat binding capacity (hot emulsions >45°C). It will emulsify with vegetable oil in cold conditions. ScanPro™ T 95 is a cold-setting protein with thermo-reversible gelling characteristics. It is typically applied in injected and reformed products, as well as emulsified cooked sausages, cold cuts, and liver products.

Depending on the product and extension level, ScanPro™ T 95 can reduce cooking loss by up to 10%. Due to the reduced cooking loss, ScanPro™ T 95 makes the end product more juicy and improves the texture. In hams, ScanPro™ T 95 improves the sliceability, and in cooked sausages like hotdog types, ScanPro™ T 95 improves the overall texture of the product – for example the snap of the sausage. Because of its high gelling capability, ScanPro™ T 95 can reduce purge in sliced vacuum-packed products, leaving a better looking product and reducing the risk of microbiological problems.


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