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ScanPro™ Beef 1100/1


Essentia Protein Solutions (formerly BHJ Protein Foods)目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

ScanPro™ Beef 1100/1 is a dehydrated animal protein manufactured from natural food grade beef raw material by mechanical and thermal treatment. It can help reduce formulation costs in ground products, emulsified products as well as dried and fermented products. This product is particularly well suited for kebab, beef burgers, luncheon meat and beef salami. ScanPro™ Beef 1100/1 is a brown powder with a slightly roast beef flavor.

Using ScanPro™ Beef 1100 will help improve the texture of the end product, e.g. the juiciness and mouthfeel of burgers and the spreadability of pâtés. In kebab products, it retains the fat which can result in up to 5% less fat drip during cooking and frying.


Essentia is all about proteins. Proteins that will enhance your food products. Proteins that will boost the richness and flavor of your soups or sauces. Or "metabolic proteins" that will beef up the effectiveness of your sports nutrition brands. Our mission is to create and deliver value through innovative product and protein solutions. And we are doing that every day. Driven by innovation and supported by our expertise and technical know-how we aim to ensure that you get real value through real innovation.



Essentia Protein Solutions (formerly BHJ Protein Foods)

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