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Viscosity Controlled Flour 5508 


Didion Milling

Viscosity Controlled Flour 5508 is made of dry milled 100% natural de-germinated yellow corn with no chemical additives or preservatives. The product is light tan in color, bland in taste, fine powder texture and has a clean cereal odor. Viscosity Controlled Flour 5508 hydrates to form a paste with a narrow viscosity range. This product can be used in breading and batters or where viscosity control range is critical. It has a protein content of 7.0%, a fiber amount of 0.7% and an ash level of 0.7%.


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Didion Milling has nearly 40 years experience in all areas of the grain and milling industry. They provide a variety of dry corn products and conventional lines of grits, corn bran, meal, flour and pre-gelatinized products. Didion's Research and Development team is ready to customize products that are tailor made to meet their customer's needs.


Didion Milling

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