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ESC®, an eggshell calcium, is a naturally pure calcium source compliant with FDA, USP, & CA Proposition 65 upper limits for heavy metals at 1000 mg elemental calcium per day. ESC® is highly absorbable – its matrix consists of a natural form of calcium carbonate, inherent proteins nature requires for its absorption, and many trace minerals which the body needs to maintain healthy bone mineral density. This product is ideal for use in bone health supplements and any product requiring an increased level of calcium.


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Stratum Nutrition produces dietary supplements and specialty ingredients that have beneficial health applications in cardiovascular health, digestive health, bone and joint health and immune health. ARTINIA® fiber is their product most suitable for food application and offers low viscosity and low flavor impact, wide pH range, low clumping and caking in fiber-enriched foods and health-conscious applications.


Stratum Nutrition

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