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SM-1035®/NS is a light cream solid that is water dispersible. It is a food antimicrobial based on ethyl p-hidroxybenzoate (E-214), sorbic acid (E-200) and nisin (E-234). Silicon dioxide (E-551) is included as an anti-caking agent and sodium chloride as an excipient. It is a white or slightly yellow powder made up of 85% sodium bicarbonate and 15% of a special coating (hardened palm oil). This product can be used as antimicrobial agent for the internal or external treatment of meat products. It extends the shelf life of cured and smoked meat products and does not change the color, taste, or natural aroma of foodstuffs.


VEDEQSA belongs to LAMIRSA GROUP ever since 1967 and it specializes in additives and specific ingredients for food and cosmetic industry. An accurate quality policy, a solid track record and an ongoing contact with market needs have made it possible for VEDEQSA to deliver innovative products and developments, able to position the company as a global benchmark in the sectors in which it operates and especially in the food preservation. Product lines: MIRENAT®: Food preservative based on LAE® (Ethyl lauroyl arginate). AMINAT®: Preservative for Cosmetics based on LAE® (Ethyl lauroyl arginate). MIRCAP®: Microencapsulated additives and specific ingredients for food.




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