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Fungus® - 80/C 



Fungus® - 80/C is a dispersion of polyvinyl acetate polymer. It is a thin, transparent, and water permeable film that is applied to the surface of food products. It is adherent, resistant, and does not flake or dry out during manufacturing, processing, or storage. It is specifically formulated to be applied as a surface treatment for cured meat products. It can be applied as a spray or by immersion. A second film can be applied if the curing process is lengthy.


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VEDEQSA is a company belonging to the LAMIRSA group and utilizes their expertise in the production of additives and ingredients for the food industry. It is seen as a leader in food market, especially in food preservation where their PANOSORB®, LAMIRCID®, SM-1035®, FUNGILESS® and MIRENAT® anti-microbial and anti-fungal product lines hinder the development of micro-organisms in food, protecting them from problems of a biological nature.



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