Springer® 0402 / 20 – MG – L 



Springer® 0402 / 20 - MG - L is obtained from a selected yeast strain. The yeast extract results from a controlled autolysis process. Purification steps guarantee good product stability while maintaining highly desirable nutrients. The product is dried using a microgranulation process that leads to the formation of a slightly granular powder. This free flowing microgranulated powder form minimizes dust formation and increases the solubilization properties. Springer® 0402 / 20 - MG - L provides distinct flavors and improves the taste sensation of food.


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Nutritional & Analytical Information

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With more than 160 years of expertise, Biospringer is the global producer of natural flavor bases and flavor building blocks. We bring to food producers the most comprehensive yeast derived product range with our yeast extracts, dried food yeasts, natural flavors and more. Biospringer is a LESAFFRE Company, significant player worldwide, for the design and production of yeast solutions for the bakery, nutrition and human care industries.



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