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Gingerols is made from the plant source Zingiber officinale (Ginger). It is a pale yellowish brown viscous liquid/mass. Gingerols is used in various food preparations; due to its pungent and antiseptic compounds present in it; like ginger bread, curry powders, certain curried meats, seasonings, table sausages, soft drinks like cordials, ginger cocktail and carbonated drinks. It is also used in various alcoholic beverages such as brandy, wine, beer and ales.

Gingerols is used in the form of precoated powder or dispersed liquid, cough lozenges, capsules, alcoholic beverages, syrups and ointments. This product is Kosher and G.M.P. certified.


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Ennature Biopharma specializes in manufacturing of nutraceuticals, natural active pharmaceutical ingredients, natural food colors and herbal and spice extracts for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Ennature uses non-toxic and highly innovative high-selectivity super critical fluid extraction to produce their high-quality extracts. Key products include astaxanthin, gingerols, lutein ester, rosemary extract and more.



Ennature Biopharma (Division of India Glycols Limited)

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