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Green Tea Extract 



Green Tea Extract is derived from dried Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) leaves which are found in South India. The main active ingredients are Epigallocatechin (EGCG) and Polyphenols. This product is applied in beverages, food supplements, functional & health foods and ice cream.

EGCG shows anti-oxidant activity invitro as well as inviro and can prevent living cells from oxidative impairment. It inhibits dental plaque formationas well as preventing dental cavities. Green Tea Polyphenols boosts the growth of essential bacteria and suppresses the growth of carcinogenic bacteria in the intestine. It can be used to treat viral diseases that are caused by the influenza, vaccinia and herpes simplex viruses. Green Tea Polyphenols increases HDL cholesterol and decreases blood pressure. The EGCG content can be concentrated up to 60%. The polyphenol content can be concentrated up to 98%




Indfrag is a leading manufacturer of natural extracts for the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Sport Nutrition, Dietary Supplement and Food Industries in the Asian, European and North American regions. Their products include but are not limited to green tea, garcinia cambogia, mangosteen, ginger, senna, cocoa, cinnamon, banaba, white kidney bean, turmeric, garlic and amla.



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