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BeneoPro W-Tex Flakes



BeneoPro W-Tex Flakes are composed of a textured wheat protein with a nice neutral taste and stable hydrated texture. This flaky variety is polyvalent and allows for significant replacement of meat, even in totally vegetarian alternatives. It displays no negative impact on taste and texture and helps to improve juiciness. This product is suitable for use in meat analogues, ready-meals, baked pasta fillings, comminuted meat, emulsified meat, cereals, and protein snacks & bars.


BENEO manufactures prebiotic fibres, functional carbohydrates and texturizing ingredients for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Their products include chicory root, sugar beet, rice, wheat, inulin, oligofructose, isomalt, Palatinose™, rice starches, rice flours, and more. BENEO ingredients have application in baby food, bakery and cereals, beverages, confectionary, dairy products, and soups and sauces.




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