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PACran®SP a proprietary blend of Proanthocyanidin (PAC) rich cranberries featuring the early black North American Vaccinium Halies macrocarpon variet). This product is prepared with non-GMO GRAS ingredients via a proprietary process that results in superior proanthocyanidin and phenolics content.

The process conforms to all provisions of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. PACran® is the world's first clinically supported and PAC standardized cranberry powder. It is made from a proprietary formula of whole PAC-rich cranberries and has been clinically shown to support urinary tract health at a 500 mg daily dose. The unique formula of PACran® provides superior potency per PAC at a substantially lower cost per dose.


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NATUREX-DBS, LLC is a leading source for innovative North American botanical ingredients. NATUREX-DBS, LLC uses cranberry seeds in an extraction process to create organic, all-natural oils and powders that are used in the food industry. NATUREX-DBS, LLC produces a wide range of scientifically authentic ingredients that have market leading food and nutritional applications.



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