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Black Cumin Oil Virgin 808520



Black Cumin Oil Virgin 808520 is obtained from the seeds of Nigella sativa, a member of the Ranunculaceae family. Black Cumin Oil Virgin 808520 is applied as a nutritional supplement, currently being promoted as ‘improving the immune system’ and ‘detoxifying the gut’. It's also applied as an anti-microbial in conjunction with, or as a natural alternative to conventional antibiotics. It is used to assist in prevention of hypertension, and as an in-vivo antioxidant, either alone or formulated with antioxidant vitamin combinations.


Bioriginal delivers complete omega solutions to the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Bioriginal’s omega products include capsules, chewable softgels, emulsions, liquid oils, nutritional seeds and softgels. These offer excellent benefits and properties such as easy to swallow, great flavor, smell and taste, good shelf life, high concentrations of EFA levels and a wide range of health benefits.





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