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OAT BRAN #140 - 01 


Grain Millers

Oat Bran #140 - 01 is produced by grinding sound and pre-selected, course kilned oat groats, and when tested with a US #14 mesh 6% of the particle made it through.. The resulting oat meal is separated into a starchy fraction (refined oat flour) and the oat bran to achieve a functional and attractive particle size. It has an ideal ratio of soluble (primarily beta-glucans) to insoluble dietary fibers, high proteins, vitamins and minerals. Its particle size distribution makes it most suitable in the formulation of variety breads, muffins, cereal products and other food systems where the presence and "nutty" flavor of oat bran is desired. The product is light to medium brown with white speckles, and it has a cooked grain flavor.


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Grain Millers is a leading producer of conventional and organic whole grain ingredients. Their grains include oats, barley, wheat and rye, which are milled into flours, brans, flakes and fibers for use in a wide range of Food, Beverage and Nutrition products. Grain Millers also markets dairy products such as butter, cream, cheese, whey, lactose and buttermilk, as well as other specialized ingredients.



Grain Millers

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