Depol™ 686L 



Depol™ 686L is a broad spectrum carbohydrase specifically designed for use in brewing to eliminate filtration problems and in particular those associated with the cold filtration process. Depol™ 686L eliminates the micro-particles which block the filters used for cold filtered beers.

Additional effects include lowering wort viscosity, increasing fermentable sugars and reducing carbohydrate haze problems. It contains a potent combination of beta-glucanase and xylanase.

Depol™ 686L is added to the grist in the mash tun, where it breaks down complex barley polysaccharides in the mash. This lowers wort viscosity, leading to a shorter run-off time and an increase in wort volume. The solubilisation of complex polysaccharides in the mash increases the availability of fermentable substrates. It can also be added post fermentation, prior to filtration; the efficient hydrolysis of 1,4-beta linkages removes the problematic glucan molecules.


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Biocatalysts manufactures specialty enzyme options and custom enzymes for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Enzymes provide excellent benefits including increased yield and throughput, solving filtration problems, reduced waste and size of process plants and improving flavors and textures. Application can be found in dairy products, fruit and vegetable processing, functional protein manufacture, brewing and baking.



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