Macer8™ FJ 



Macer8™ FJ contains a balanced mix of pectinases designed to provide controlled maceration and depectinisation of fruit, without generating undesirable levels of methanol. It is ideally suited for the production of high quality apple and pear juices.

Macer8™ FJ contains high levels of pectin lyase (PL) which depolymerises pectin chains and polygalacturonase (PG) which randomly cuts the polygalacturonic acid backbone of the insoluble pectin. It also contains high levels of arabanase which hydrolyse araban and arabinoxylan preventing haze formation in fruit juice concentrates. The low levels of pectin esterase (PE) in Macer8™ FJ ensures that only minimal levels of methanol are produced by the demethylation of pectin. Used at different levels Macer8™ FJ can provide a controlled disintegration of the fruit, resulting in improved juice yield and full flavor recovery.


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