Lipomod™ 699L 



Lipomod™ 699L can be used to improve the emulsifying properties of egg yolk, whole egg or purified lecithin. Egg yolks have extremely useful emulsifying and gelation properties due to the presence of various lipid and protein types. Phospholipids can be modified by the action of L699L to produce lyso-lecithin with superior emulsifying properties especially useful in mayonnaise manufacturing. This is a low preservative enzyme designed for the Japanese market. This product is a pale brown liquid.


产品技术规格书 TDS


Biocatalysts manufactures specialty enzyme options and custom enzymes for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Enzymes provide excellent benefits including increased yield and throughput, solving filtration problems, reduced waste and size of process plants and improving flavors and textures. Application can be found in dairy products, fruit and vegetable processing, functional protein manufacture, brewing and baking.



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