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Guardox™ BL



Guardox™ BL is a natural bamboo leaf extract rich in flavonoids, and is used as a multi-functional antioxidant flavoring for preventing lipid anti-oxidation, decreasing the use level and residue of nitrate or nitrite colorants, antibacterial, color retention, odor-removing and taste-modifying in various foods.

This product has a few key benefits including anti-oxidation, anti-acrylamide, anti-aging and long-lasting product flavor, aroma and color properties. This product also decreases the use level and residue of nitrate or nitrite and meets consumers’ demand for natural products.


Handary is an industry leader in the manufacturing of natural and high-quality protective ingredients and fast microbial diagnostics to grow the capability of keeping healthcare and food products fresher and safer for longer. These high-quality bio-preservatives include plant extracts and their derivatives, lactic acid bacteria, lysozyme, nisin, ε-polylysine and non-animal natamycin.




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