Foamarmor 606 


Armor Proteines

Foamarmor 606 is a milk protein hydrolysate. It is a dairy ingredient with high foaming properties, that is able to produce very light foam, particularly in high density food matrixes like sugar rich-matrix. Foamarmor 606 is used in several applications: confectionery (meringue, chocolates, fillings, marshmallows), dairy products (mousses, desserts), and bakery and biscuits (sponge cakes, etc.).


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Armor Proteines offers a wide variety of nutritional and functional ingredients. They specialize in milk fractionation and some of their products include medium to high viscosity caseinates, texturising proteins, economical milk powder substitutes and also whey derivatives and demineralized whey. Armor Proteines offers supportive and innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of it's customers.


Armor Proteines

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