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Beta Carotene E 160 A Portfolio



Beta carotene E 160 A portfolio is a oil soluble, water soluble (emulsion form) and powdered Beta Carotenes. Areas of application for oil based food is coloring of butter, cheese preparations, processed cheese, oil and oil substitutes, margarine, salad dressings, fat based sauces, fat based ice cream, soups, pasta, cream fillings, egg based products and other oil based products.

The water based applications are coloring of beverages, syrups, confectionery, water based ice cream and other water based products.

Powdered applications consists of the coloring of: instant drink powders, confectionery, bakery, biscuits, chewing gum, ice cream, soup powders, ready to eat meals, milk shakes, fermented milk products, pasta, cheese, powder nutritional supplements and other powder based products.


CAROTEX is a leading producer of beverage emulsions in Poland. They offer beverage emulsions, sweet and savory flavors, food colors and juice based compounds. CAROTEX provides their clients with technological support and their knowledge about market requirements and legislative changes.




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