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Flavours For Bakery


Flavours For Bakery: This has meant that Eurofragance has been able to establish its classic products and at the same time continue to create new ranges for this sector. Liqueur with notes of aniseed and orange, fruit or spice flavours open up a new universe to be discovered. Our products are developed for applications according to customers’ needs. Biscuits, buns and different industrial confectionery products are controlled and checked in our laboratories.


Eurofragance is a global manufacturer of flavoring agents for use in the Food and Beverage Industry. This company specializes in combining raw materials to create natural, high quality flavors that meet consumer demands. Eurofragance's brand of flavoring agents include Berries Flavours, Flavours For Bakery, Flavours For Confectionery, Flavours For Dairy, Flavours For Fish & Seafood, and Flavours For Meat.



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