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Dulcitol is also called Euonymus alcohol or Galactitol and is a colorless, columnar monoclinic crystalline powder. It taste slightly sweet and is difficult to dissolve in cold water or alcohol, but easily dissolves in boiling water. Dulcitol belongs to biochemical reagents, and is mainly used in bacterial identification and medium formula and is a necessary and important sugar alcohol for microbe research, the prevention, and the treatment of disease. Dulcitol can be used for shaping medicine to improve the appearance and stability of the tablets. Injections of Dulcitol are important in medicine for curing Rheumatoid and anti-leukemic.


Futaste is a leader in the biotechnology industry. They specialize in the utilization of the corncob as a raw material to manufacture Sorbitol, Xylitol, Xylose and other polyols. Their full product listing also includes Starch sweeteners, Corn Starch and Maltitol. Currently they are working to find ways to increase Byproduct processing, Derivatives and Polyol production and to establish a global presence by combining logistics, supply, R&D and production.




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