CPI - Chicken Protein Isolate 



CPI - Chicken Protein Isolate is high-protein chicken isolates for sports and health and wellness applications. A spray dried powder, it is used in protein shakes, shakes, tablets and capsules with chicken protein supplement. Chicken Protein Isolates are an alternative to whey protein isolate. It is allergen free, easily soluble, low in taste and highly digestible, as well as free from dairy, soy, fat, sugar and carbohydrates as well as being halal certified.


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Proliver uses fresh meat parts from chicken and turkey to produces premium broths, functional proteins and fat for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Proliver’s custom proteins can influence collagen content, molecular weight, taste, flavor and protein composition. Health benefits include high digestibility, high levels of muscle-forming BCAA, high levels of amino acids, non-allergenic and more.



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