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Teoside™ 10



Teoside™ 10 is an exclusive plant extract from the Ajuga reptans cell culture titrated at 10% of teupolioside. It is the first biotech botanical approved in Europe as a food supplement ingredient (substantial equivalence). Also known as the bugleweed, carpetweed and the common bugle, Ajuga is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Commonly used as salad, Ajuga has also been used in popular medicine as an anti-rheumatic, tonic and astringent. It can be applied as a treatment for wounds and ulcerations due to its antihaemorrhagic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Recent data have demonstrated its useful application for the maintenance of the digestive function. Teupolioside is a polyphenol belonging to the family of phenylpropanoids, which is important to the environmental protection system of the plants. It is very difficult to obtain both by extraction, since it is present in very low amount in plant tissues, or by chemical synthesis, due to its high structural complexity.


IRB offers a wide range of specialty bioactive ingredients for nutritional, pharmaceutical, animal health and cosmetic applications. They have an innovative industrial method for the in vitro plant cell culture cultivation, called HTN™ (High Tech Nature), a new technology for delivering products with proven activity as well as sustainability.




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