Polycel SM® 


Darmex Casing

Polycel SM® guarantees a new quality of smoking in polyamide casings. On account of its innovative structure and hi-tech solutions this product enables obtaining desirable smell, taste and color of a final product. Processing properties of this casing equal cellulose and its additional advantages are greater flexibility, better barrier properties and endurance during filling process. Casing ensures minimal weight-loss during thermal processing. What is more its barrier quality, characteristic for polyamide casings guarantees, longer than in the case of cellulose, expiration date of ready foods. It is manufactured in the color of smoke or transparent in calibers range from 17 to 32 millimeters.


产品技术规格书 TDS


Darmex Casing Ltd. was started in 1997. Initially, the company focused exclusively on shirring various polyamide sausage casings. The will to develop and determination led to introduction of numerous changes which allowed to start a production of polyamide casings under brand names: POLYBAR 5® and POLYMINI®. In the following years these products were constantly improved while knowledge and experience established the company’s position on the Polish and foreign market. To meet Your needs and expectations we created products of the highest quality, which was confirmed by EN ISO 9001 Certificate we were granted in May 2004.



Darmex Casing

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