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Smoked Flavoring 5 S


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Smoked Flavoring 5 S is a cooking flavor made from natural food bases, e.g. salt or sugar, which are exposed to natural smoke from smoldering beech wood until they have absorbed the required quantity. This product gives a characteristic smoked flavor and aroma which can otherwise only be achieved by the expensive and time-intensive procedure of smoking in a smoking chamber. Smoked Flavoring 5 S can be used for all foods to flavor soups, sauces, bakery products, meat, fish, pre-packed salads. It may also be blended with other spices and flavoring agents. Smoked Flavoring 5 S has an appearance of a smoky brown or darker color with a smoky, salty smell and taste. It is completely soluble in water.


Henning Würzer provides a wide selection of smoke flavorings for savory and sweet tastes in Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Henning also produces flavorings for customers who require special flavors or preserving agents for specific needs. The smoke flavorings are made from natural bases of salt or sugar and exposed to natural smoke from beech wood. Henning’s preserving agents are offered in liquid or powder form.




Henning Würzer

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