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Waitaki Bioscience目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

CHONDROITIN & COLLAGEN COMPLEXES manufactured by Waitaki Biosciences are pure New Zealand bovine cartilage powders containing significant levels of naturally occurring chondroitin sulfate and Type II Collagen. Other applications include skin and hair care. This unique and proprietary extract was developed to provide a multi-functional product, suitable for a wide range of joint health, skin and personal care applications.


Waitaki Biosciences manufactures specialty nutritional supplement ingredients from natural, New Zealand, biological sources. Nutritional ingredients provide support for the body's mechanism of healing and repair. Supporting these natural mechanisms leads to enhanced general health and improved quality of life. They supply 100% natural, nutritional supplement ingredients for a range of nutraceutical products such as Marine Collogens, Shark Cartilage, Chondroitin and Greenshell Mussels.



Waitaki Bioscience

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