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SWEET ACID LCA is suitable for the production of drinks with artificial sweeteners and mostly for non-citrus drinks like peach, banana, strawberry, etc. The comparison of beverages, sweetened with saccharine, aspartame, acesulfam and acidized with citric acid and beverages containing SWEET ACID LCA indicates that the beverages containing citric acid have a more synthetic taste, with a lingering sweet aftertaste.

SWEET ACID LCA also alters some aftertastes often attributed to the sweeteners and give a more natural, softer and clear taste to the ready product. It leaves a light sweet taste and requires a smaller quantity of sweetener for reaching the sweet-sour balance.



Panteley Toshev Ltd. produces emulsions, flavors, beverage compounds, herbal extracts, functional ingredients, sweetening systems, coloring systems and stabilizers for a wide range of Food, Beverage and Nutrition products. They have the capability and capacity to serve customers of any size and guarantee quality and balanced prices based on the newest technologies for production and control.



Panteley Toshev Ltd.

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