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Chicory Flour

Chicorée Leroux目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

Chicory flour is comprised of 72% fibre (inulin, cellulose). Furthermore, chicory flour also offers the possibility to add a "clean" label to products. Leroux chicory flour (traditional and organic) is used for the production of special bread, brioche, croissants, Vienna loaf, cakes, pan bread and puff pastry. This flour contributes to improving the richness, texture, conservation and the freezing resistance of all bread products.


Leroux is a manufacturer of chicoree products. They offer roasted chicory, chicory extracts and instant chicory and more. Leroux's products are available in different dry matter content, to obtain different sweet flavours, acidities and colours.



Chicorée Leroux

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