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CLAMOSINE® is a natural marine extract rich in taurine (3g/100g) and phosphorus: 100 g. CLAMOSINE® cover 90% of the Recommended Daily phosphorus (800 mg / d). This extract is an hydrolysate of wild sea almond (Glycimeris glycimeris) obtained by a process exclusive and innovative food from shellfish meats. This ingredient contains no additives. This product is a beige-colored powder and has a characteristic odor.

This product is GMO free and contains molluscs.


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Phosphotech is a supplier of natural ingredients for the Feed, Cosmetic, Nutraceutic and Food Industries. Their food products include Standard & Organic Vegetal Oils such as grapeseed and argan oil, Concentrated Fish Oils that are rich in EPA, DHA or both, Standard Fish Oils such as tuna oil or halibut liver oil, Algae Powders, Sea Powders & Extracts such as fish collagen hydrolysate and oyster powder and Phosphotech Special Products such as mollusc hydrolysate for inflammation or fish hydrolysate for bone density.



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