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Verol IG 90 



Verol IG 90 is distilled monoglyceride made from sunflower oil (E-471) that contains tocopherol (E306) max. 300 ppm and Ascorbyl Palmitate (E304) max. 100 ppm as antioxidants. This product complies with purity criteria laid down in Directive 2008/84/EC for number E-471.

Verol IG 90 can be used in caramels and margarine production. In caramels and toffees this emulsifier can reduce the stickiness and also reduce the sugar crystallisation (dosage of 0,1-0,3%). In margarine it improves the stability of the water-in-oil emulsion and can be used in low-fat spreads at dosages of 0,5-1%, in cream margarines (0,2-0,4%) and in cake margarines (0,5-1%).


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Lasenor is a manufacturer of high-quality products for the food and beverage industry. They supply soya lecithin, non-GMO soya lecithin, sunflower lecithin, rapeseed lecithin, glyceride esters, citric acid esters, acetic acid esters, diacetyl tartaric acid ester, and polyglycerol esters. These products find use in bakery, pastry, confectionery, chocolate, instantizing, snack food, dairy, meat, and cake gel applications.



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