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Cognityl® is an innovative food-supplement, associating highly active xanthines (caffeine and theobromine) in well defined ratio and concentration for an optimal action on intellectual performance and concentration. Cognityl® improves mental energy (motivation, cognition, wellbeing and alertness) and reduces intellectual fatigue. Cognityl® contains cocoa extract and supercritical tea extract, and is standardized in theobromine and caffeine. The specific ratio of xanthines has psychostimulant effects without the side effects observed with highly concentrated caffeine products. Cognityl®’s rapid enhancement of neuronal inter-connection allows you to rapidly be more efficient.


BioXtract's expertise is in the development, production and marketing of dietary supplements with proven health benefits. Some of the products they offer include curcumin, quercetin, xanthins, allysulfides and vinyldithiins extracts. BioXtract provides complete and regularly updated scientific reports, full backgrounds on the targeted treatment area, recognition by international scientific committees and leaders and regulatory and marketing support.




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