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Instant Baby Cereals 


Galam Group

Instant Baby Cereals – a range of high quality, granular, pregelatinized cereals for use in formulating dry baby cereals. They have been precooked, dried and ground into flakes which are instantly soluble in cold water, juice, milk or formula.

Their full viscosity develops without cooking. For extra convenience, instant baby cereals can be mixed with liquids directly in the baby bottle and are ready for use.


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Galam, Israel’s market leader in the manufacture of Fructose, Glucose and Starch has grown and flourished along with the country’s growing need for its products, in both the food and industrial sectors. Their products include Galam HiSweet® Stevia, Glucose Syrups, Food Starches, Fruitose® and other tailored made solutions.


Galam Group

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