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WrightDough® #41 WE-50222


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WrightDough® #41 is a cream colored potassium bromate-free powdered dough conditioner and shelf-life extender. This all-purpose dough conditioner functionally replaces DATEM esters at significantly lower usage (0.25% vs. typical DATEM blend usage: 1-2%). It also extends shelf life and improves crumb softness. Wright Dough #41 functions in breads, rolls, donuts, danish, sweet goods and par baked systems.


The Wright Group specializes on hands-on development, formulation, and manufacturing of custom nutritional blends or premixes that are designed to enrich a variety of products for the Food and Beverage Industry, including functional foods, breakfast cereals, dairy and non-dairy-based meal replacement beverages, nutritional bars, sports nutrition products, infant formulas and daily multivitamin supplements.




The Wright Group

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