25 lbs. Diced Pitted Prunes 

25 lbs. Diced Pitted Prunes have a characteristic sweet flavor with a slightly tart and fruit flavor. Diced Pitted Prune bits are made from an extrusion process that pushes prunes through a fine mesh screen, completely eliminating the possibility of any pit fragments. The resulting paste is then diced. This product is especially suited for wet applications in baking, dairy, chocolate coating, and fruit blends or mixes. It is made with no added ingredients, is free flowing, and moderately low in water activity.



Nutritional & Analytical Information

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Sunsweet Growers Incorporated produces dried fruits for the Food and Beverage Industry. Through processing and extraction, they largely manufacture a variety of dried prune products including Pitted Prunes, Diced Prune Pieces, Prune Powder and Fiber, as well as Prune Juice Concentrate. These high quality preservatives improve flavor while reducing fat in sauces, baking, meats and confections.



Sunsweet Growers

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