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CLERIZYMA - Lysozyme hydrochloride E 1105


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CLERIZYMA - Lysozyme hydrochloride E 1105 is a clear and almost colourless liquid, exclusively made of extract from hen egg whites. It is easily soluble without excessive stirring which could impair its activity.The granular formulation of Clerizyma reduces its dispersion in the environment and the risk of being accidentally inhaled by operators. Additionally its formulation in granules makes weighing easier. This product has a shelf life of six months, and is ideally used in the food industry.


Clerici-Sacco Group is a manufacturer and supplier of starter cultures, rennet and rennet powders and cheese. They exclusively use safe food grade or pharma grade raw materials to give the best possible solutions tailored to their client's needs and requirements.



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Clerici-Sacco Group

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