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Lamb Lipases


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Lamb Lipases is a light beige powder that is obtained only from the basis tongue lamb glands suspended on sodium chloride and/or milk powder and whey powder. Every type of lipase provides its own characteristic flavour due to the different way each one of them works, giving a sharper and more pronounced flavour, typical of Pecorino Romano. It is medium spicy, and is very noticeable on the palate, with longlasting effect. This product has a pH level of 6,20 - 6,50 in solution 1%, and a humidity of max. 5%.


Clerici-Sacco Group is a manufacturer and supplier of starter cultures, rennet and rennet powders and cheese. They exclusively use safe food grade or pharma grade raw materials to give the best possible solutions tailored to their client's needs and requirements.



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Clerici-Sacco Group

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