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Niside is a product containing nisin and is a natural preservative produced by some strains of Lactococcus lactis, inhibiting the growth of Gram positive bacteria which causes the degradation of food. Niside is designed for being added to water and mixed during the production process of food which requires a longer shelf life.

The product is not harmful for humans, and is used as a food preservative in a number of thermal processed foods, application for canned foods, ricotta, liquid egg, pasteurised or flavoured milk and drinks, processed cheese, other dairy products, wet instant noodles, plant protein foods, fermentation products and meat products.


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Clerici-Sacco Group is a manufacturer and supplier of starter cultures, rennet and rennet powders and cheese. They exclusively use safe food grade or pharma grade raw materials to give the best possible solutions tailored to their client's needs and requirements.


Clerici-Sacco Group

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