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Brown Linseed TRADI-LIN®



Brown Linseed TRADI-LIN® Flaxseeds are small seeds about 6 cm long, flat, oval, brown. All TRADI-LIN® linseeds come from a French pathway with traceability to seed’s origin. TRADI-LIN® linseeds are selected for their Omega 3 high-grade. Our flaxseed is suitable for all applications in food industry: flour milling, bakery, confectionery, and more.


VAIZGANTHO is an industry expert in the treatment of flaxseed, which is known for its natural richness in Omega 3, and other seeds such as rapeseed, buckwheat, quinoa on rice, sesame and/or millet. They develop these seeds and then extract the best, to offer quality products as flour for nourishment forms. These methods operate at several levels: Nutritional quality, Anti-Allergenicity, Bioavailability of Oils and Conservation.




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