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Keystone® 9100 

Keystone® 9100 is a cold-active stabilizer designed to create optimal consistency and texture characteristics in instant beverages. 9100 is able to help finished product goods quickly and easily dissolve in hot or cold liquids. For solids, it is a cold-active stabilizer for use in sherbets, sorbets and water ices. There is no heat required to activate gums. Keystone® 9100 increases shelf life by reducing heat shock and controlling ice crystal growth. The specific gum blend allows for good functionality at low use rate, and it enhances smooth mouth feel.


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Agropur Ingredients (formerly Main Street Ingredients) supplies the foodservice and food manufacturing industries through their stabilizers systems and protein blends. The stabilizer systems enhance mouthfeel, texture, consistency, shelf life, etc. The protein blends include milk and whey protein concentrates, as well as caseins, isolates, caseinates and alternative proteins like rice, wheat and soy.


Agropur Ingredients

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