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Bakigen® 1111

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Bakigen® 1111 is a functional blend of dairy powder and L-cysteine for use in bakery products such as pizza dough and tortillas. Bakigen® dough conditioners ensure that your tortillas retain ideal moisture and extensibility long after they leave the shelf. The protein provides more extensible dough with decreased mixing time, contributes tenderness, color, flavor and nutrition, and cracking of tortillas when folded is minimized because the dough is more relaxed. This product is Kosher approved.


Agropur Ingredients supplies the foodservice and food manufacturing industries through their stabilizers systems and protein blends. The stabilizer systems enhance mouthfeel, texture, consistency, shelf life, etc. The protein blends include milk and whey protein concentrates, as well as caseins, isolates, caseinates and alternative proteins like rice, wheat and soy.



Agropur Ingredients

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