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Keystone® 9350 

Keystone® 9350 is a high emulsifying stabilizer developed for use in vegetable fat ice cream and frozen desserts. It has excellent emulsion properties and is a cost-effective stabilizer with emulsifier included. It is synergistic with Cornerstone® whey proteins to increase creamy mouth feel and provide dry, stiff ice cream. This product should be dispersed in other dry ingredients at a 1 to 3 ratio, and gums should be allowed to hydrate for at least 5 to 10 minutes before processing. To increase effectiveness, the product should be slowly added to liquids with high agitation, and the mix should be heated to at least 76.7°C (170°F) to activate all gums.


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Agropur Ingredients (formerly Main Street Ingredients) supplies the foodservice and food manufacturing industries through their stabilizers systems and protein blends. The stabilizer systems enhance mouthfeel, texture, consistency, shelf life, etc. The protein blends include milk and whey protein concentrates, as well as caseins, isolates, caseinates and alternative proteins like rice, wheat and soy.


Agropur Ingredients

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