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Fibrous Easy Peel 



Fibrous Easy Peel is a casing that has a specially-treated inner surface making it easy to peel from the sausage. It is ideal for the production of cooked and/or smoked meats, hams and emulsion type products where easy peeling is required. In addition to exceptional ease of peeling, the Easy Peel fibrous casing offers excellent stretchability and permeability for high and predictable end-product quality.




Viskoteepak is a world pioneer in sinewy, cellulose and plastic housings. We strive for flawlessness in all that we do to guarantee that you will get the best encounter conceivable. We can offer you the most thorough arrangement of standard packaging results through our stringy product offering. We can additionally offer probably the most beneficial complete packaging results in all our product offerings, something we accomplish by joining forces with you and customizing our items, as well as by making the ideal complete result and backing for your business.



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