TriSyl® 300 



TriSyl® 300 silica, used for Edible Oil Refining, is synthetic amorphous micronized silica hydrogel appearing as white free flowing powder. TriSyl® 300 silica for Edible Oil Refining can be used in the following operations, refining of all animal and vegetable oils and fats, refining processes when there is a need to reduce the phosphorus level in feedstock which contains a high level of non-hydratable phospholipids, caustic refining, with reduced or no water washes (modified caustic refining process) and de-nickeling process, after oil hardening.


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Grace develops and manufactures chemical ingredients used in Food and Beverage Applications. Its SYLOID® Silica FP grades provide excellent moisture control in tablets and have been certified by the Natural Products Association. Its APPERTA® coatings deliver superior packaging performance and protection for easy open cans. CELOX™ scavenging liners use signature OSTTM know-how to seal in oxygen in plastic bottles. More information about Grace is available at




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