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TriSyl® S615


TriSyl® S615 silica, used in the purification of glyceride oils and methyl and waxy esters, is a synthetic amorphous micronized silica hydrogel appearing as white free flowing powder.

TriSyl® S615 silica can be used as a refining or bleaching aid for the removal of phospholipids, associated trace metals, and fatty acid neutralization soaps in the glyceride oil refining process. It can also be used as a “post-bleach” adsorptive agent for removal of colloidal nickel and nickel soaps generated during hydrogenation as well as for the removal of soaps formed from alkali catalysts in interesterification and methanolysis (in lieu of water-washing).

TriSyl® S615 silica is the most effective TriSyl® silica hydrogel grade offered by Grace Davison in the U.S. Its application temperature range is the highest and broadest, and its adsorptive capacity for soaps, phosphatides, and trace metals is unparalleled. Properly applied, it also is the most economical grade to use.


Grace develops and manufactures chemical ingredients used in Food and Beverage Applications. Its SYLOID® Silica FP grades provide excellent moisture control in tablets and have been certified by the Natural Products Association. Its APPERTA® coatings deliver superior packaging performance and protection for easy open cans. CELOX™ scavenging liners use signature OSTTM know-how to seal in oxygen in plastic bottles. More information about Grace is available at www.grace.com.




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