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Apperta® 1973


Apperta® 1973 is a water-clear, process resistant external lacquer for Easy Open and SOT can bodies and ends. This coating is compatible with aluminum, TFS (ECCS), and tinplate substrate materials as well as rubberized roller and Anilox™ film metering equipment. It easily tolerates high-speed application, up to 6,500 sph, with minimal foaming. Apperta® 1973 is recommended with Darex® TH 1010-35 solvent.


Grace develops and manufactures chemical ingredients used in Food and Beverage Applications. Its SYLOID® Silica FP grades provide excellent moisture control in tablets and have been certified by the Natural Products Association. Its APPERTA® coatings deliver superior packaging performance and protection for easy open cans. CELOX™ scavenging liners use signature OSTTM know-how to seal in oxygen in plastic bottles. More information about Grace is available at www.grace.com.




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