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POLYGUM 440/250 Polygal AG Polygum 440/250 is tara gum with low viscosity and medium-fine granulation from European production.
POLYGUM 44/1 Polygal AG Polygum 44/1 is a tara Bean Gum (E-417) with high viscosity and medium-coarse granulation.
Tara Germ Argos Export S.A. Tara Germ is a natural flour obtained by processing Tara Gum. It is a rich ingredient in proteins with a healthy content of essential amino acids. This product is used in baking, breads, cakes, and animal feed.
Tara Gum Argos Export S.A. Tara Gum is an endosperm of the Tara seed. It is a thickener and a dough conditioner that is free of polluting agents. This product is used in soups, spices, dough, and ice cream.
Tara Gum I.H.C. Chempharm Tara Gum is a vegetable hydrocolloid. In the food industry it is used as a thickening agent and a stabilizer for various dressings, ice creams, dairy products, candies, and sauces.
Tara Powder Argos Export S.A. Tara Powder is the seeds of the fruit that comes from a native Peruvian tree. In the food industry this product is used as a wine clarifier, beer industry and as a boiler compound in the boiler steam.