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Cybercolors Ltd.

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Cybercolors is a manufacturer and supplier of natural food colours, for the international functional food, dietary supplement, nutraceutical, food and feed industry. Their range of natural colour products are Paprika, Annatto, Carotene, Carmine and other vegetable and fruit extracts. Cybercolors advantages are their direct access to key raw materials that are sourced around the world and its expertise in relation to natural food colours and their applications in their client’s products.
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Anthocyanins Cybercolors Ltd. Anthocyanins are grape skins mainly sourced in France, Spain, and Italy. This product is processed to produce grape color liquid and powder. It is mainly used in beverages, health supplements and water ice.
Lutein Cybercolors Ltd. Lutein is a xanthophyll and a naturally occurring carotenoid. The Lutein color is extracted to produce oil suspensions and water soluble liquids. This product is mainly used in beverages and health supplements.