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Cherry-Rocher produces and transforms plants and fruit to make, liqueurs, aperitifs, fruit in alcohol and syrups and a wide variety of natural extracts for the food industry. They directly cultivate, at the heart of Ardéche, an orchard of 6,000 cherry trees in several varieties. Cherry Rocher offers its customers an inexhaustible source of quality flavours.
Extracts And Preparations Cherry-Rocher Extracts And Preparations
Fruit Dices Cherry-Rocher Fruit Dices
Fruit Distallites Cherry-Rocher Fruit Distallites
Fruit Infusions Cherry-Rocher Fruit Infusions
Fruit Purees Cherry-Rocher Fruit Purees
Infusions and Spirits of Plants Cherry-Rocher Infusions and Spirits of Plants
Infusions and Spirits of Spices Cherry-Rocher Infusions and Spirits of Spices
Infusions/Distillates of Brown Products Cherry-Rocher Infusions/Distillates of Brown Products
Minced Fruits Cherry-Rocher Minced Fruits
Sliced Fruits Cherry-Rocher Sliced Fruits
Whole Fruits Cherry-Rocher Whole Fruits