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L-Carvone Anhui Great Nation Essential Oils Co., Ltd. L-Carvone is an extract from the caraway seed. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid, and it has a taste of dill and spearmint. This product is often used to flavor cough drops and chewing gums.
Maize Bio Grains Maize is the seeds or kernals of the corn plant which are sun dried whole. It can be used in corn flakes, polentas, and many other snacks.
Peppermint Oil Anhui Great Nation Essential Oils Co., Ltd. Peppermint Oil is a slightly yellow liquid with a strong peppermint odor and flavor. It is often used in confectioneries, mouth fresheners, chewing gums, and chocolates.
Safflower Seeds Bio Grains Safflower Seeds are procured from the safflower plant which is grown in north of Argentina. This product provides a high linoleic acid content. It can be made into oil for cooking and used on salads.
Soybeans Bio Grains Soybeans are the seeds of the soybean plant which is a species of legume. It has high amounts of protein and phytic acid. Soybeans can be used to make cooking oil, and many health foods such as nutrition bars.
Sunflower Seeds Bio Grains Sunflower Seeds are the fruit of the sunflower which is high in vitamin E and linoleic acid. This product can be used to make sunflower oil and can be eaten raw on salads.
Wheat Bio Grains Wheat is produced by milling the seeds of wheat crops and is light brown in color. This product has very high amounts of protein and a high mineral content. Wheat can be used in breads, biscuits, cookies, cakes, breakfast cereal, pasta, noodles, and beer.